DGM Services, Inc. (Dangerous Goods Management Group) is a leading international organization acknowledged as the global leader in managing dangerous goods and hazardous materials. In addition to handling all classifications of dangerous goods. The company also provides professional packing services, export, and project cargo crating, in-transit warehousing, and distribution solutions. DGM is also offering technical assistance/consultation and classification and dangerous goods training.

Core Competencies

  • Dangerous Goods Packing
  • Dangerous Goods Training
  • Dangerous Goods Consulting
  • Export Crating
  • Lithium Battery Packing & Storage
  • Chemical Repour / Sample Packing
  • Project Cargo
  • Containerization - Blocking & Bracing


DGM Service, Inc. is the industry leader in dangerous goods packing, crating, exporting, training, and consulting.

We offer high-quality and scalable solutions for growing companies.

With a global network in over 30 countries, we can solve your dangerous goods needs worldwide.

We have a comprehensive liability insurance policy that allows us to the shipper of record on behalf of the principal; this means that DGM assumes any relevant liability.